200 דקות ו-5 תובנות והכל מתוך אהבת חינם
2 באוגוסט 2020
אל תוותר – NO MATTER WHAT"
3 באוגוסט 2020

Startup Nation Finder & Crunchbase – You Must follow to find your next challenge, Why?

If You are a job seeker – you will know which companies & Start-ups raised money…


If they raised money – they will recruit… got it?

Now ? – Give a smile and continue…

Use my head hunting method to get an interview in 7 steps.

1. You need to know the company name that succeeded to raise money.

2. Choose the right contact: HR/ Professional manager

3. Find his Name via Linkedin

4. Find him on Facebook and check if you have Mutual Friend's

5. Contact the Mutual Friend ( Facebook better than Linkedin – for him to be a true friend ) and ask for Intro/ send CV

6. Do it with 3-4 other people ( Your Value will go UP in his subconscious)

7. Put in your mindset only one thing: You got it!!!

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