Anat Guttmann Cohen VP Human Resources at Avantis Team

I have met Emil through the social media networks- that's enough to say that he is a master in it.
Emil has recruited for my company an R&D Director position in a minimum time of 2 weeks.
He brings to the table very high skills in head hunting, recruitment, business oriented and highly human relationship skills.
It's always a pleasure talking to him and he shares his wisdom with all.

20.06.2017 Linkedin

Oren Rokach Founder at Variscite ltd

I enjoy working with Emil, Emil is a top-notch head head-hunter.
Understands well the requirements of any position we open,
and offers only the most relevant people,
saving me all the hassle and hard work of recruitment.

02.03.2015 Linkedin

Chen Lerner HR Manager at monday.com(Dapulse)

Emil is one of the best head hunters I had the pleasure to work with.
I think he is very talented and understands my needs as a customer.
Beacuse of him I've signed few talents for a realy tough positions.
I recommend Emil to any HR that is looking for a smart & talented Head Hunter.

29.06.2016 Linkedin


Erez Sali Co Founder at Neural Algorithms Ltd

I have been working with Emil for the past few month on challenging open positions.
Emil has put a lot of effort into the task and has succeeded to fill one of them in a relatively short time.
In addition he has a positive approach and is a nice person to work with.

10.08.2016 Linkedin

Dvir Doron CMO/BDO at Cedato

I've had the opportunity to work with Emil as a headhunter and uber matchmaker,
recruiting for top positions in Artimedia and Cedao.
Emil was always able to quickly understand our needs and to deliver quality candidates.
Highly recommended!

15.08.2016 Linkedin

Vered Avinir Senior Recruitment Manager at SeeV

הזמנתי את אמיל להדרכה לצוות הסורסינג שלנו בחברה. .אמיל למד אותנו ובנה את תכני ההדרכה לצרכי הצוות. הוא הביא משב רענן, חיוך, מודעות עצמית והרבה תובנות. הוא ריתק את הצוות והעניק כיווני מחשבה מקוריים.
אמיל נטע זרעים אותם אנחנו נצטרך לטפח.
ממליצה בחום רב הוא בהחלט מקצוען בתחומו ושדכן של אנשים ורעיונות. מומלץ בחום רב!

8 בדצמבר 2017 בשעה 19:02 http://advisery.co/Emil-rozenblat/

Hanit Oknin Cohen CEO @ NetHR -Technology Recruiting

הזמנתי אותו להדרכת סורינג בלינקדאין. ריתק את הצוות ונתן ערך מוסף מטורף.
יש פה מקצועיות גבוהה ביחד עם אישיות מדהימה וזה יוצר שילוב מנצח.

17 באוגוסט 2017 בשעה 12:35 http://advisery.co/Emil-rozenblat/


David Golan Talent Development Manager at Picaro

יש אנשים בשבילהם זה מקצוע, אצל אמיל זה אופי .
את אמיל יצא לי הכיר בין השורות , הייתי בתקופת חיפוש העבודה מאוד אינטנסיבית , שבפני נגלו המון דלתות סגורות עקב חוסר נסיון בתחום .

למרות שלא היה בינינו הכרות, אמיל הציע לי אוזן קשבת והרבה הצעות כדי שאוכל לעבור את המחסום בו אני נתקל בכל פעם.

בזכותו קיבלתי את הזדמנות שלי בתעשייה ועל כך אני מוקיר אותו .
מדובר ברוח שונה בתחום הגיוס , שיודע להביא נפש לתחום לעיתים מרגיש קצת מנוכר מכל הטכנולוגיה שעוטפת אותו .

שיטות ה-Engagment שלו הם בין הטובות שיצא לי לראות או להתנסות בהם .

ממליץ בחום

17 בספטמבר 2017 בשעה 12:46 - http://advisery.co/Emil-rozenblat/

Meital Gal CEO & Founder at LinkIT

ממליצה בחום על אמיל והסדנאות, מעל הכל הוא בנאדם שבאמת אכפת לו- מדריך, מלווה, מעשיר וסבלני.
ומעבר לכך מדובר בתותח ברמה המקצועית!
בטוחה שמי שיבחר ללכת אתך יהיה מרוצה.

8 בנובמבר 2017 בשעה 14:53 http://advisery.co/Emil-rozenblat/

Barak Fuchs Business Methods Analyst at Trident Systems Ltd

From my personal experience, Emil is a leading head hunter with great understanding of the Israeli employment market.
He works fast and professionally, and always took our calls at any time.
He accurately understood our recruitment needs and
delivered the most suitable candidates for our positions,
saving us time and allowing us to focus on our business.
I highly recommend him.

20.06.2016 Linkedin

Sarah Craimer VP Finance & Operations at ITIM

Emil is a truly top-level recruiter.

Not only did he immediately understand the requirements of the position that we needed to fill,
but he carefully selected the right candidates to send to us.
We didn't have to deal with a deluge of irrelevant CVs along the way.
The work process was simple and we were able to quickly hire the person that we needed.

18.06.2015 Linkedin

Tchia Alona Altar CEO at Connectim

Emil is a colleague, very enthusiastic and very creative.
He is a professional in recruitment, sourcing and managing placement processes.
Emil is a great person with a strong will to help and give from himself, works very harmoniously to bring results

11.08.2016 Linkedin

Ortal Aviv HR Professional for start-up & high-tech companies

I had the pleasure to work closely with Emil Rozenblat as a headhunter for my challenging seniority level positions. During our 6 months working together, I was getting to know highly professional and open-minded sourcing expert. Emil is self-driven and super creative in his way of thinking. As a recruitment manager at Inomize, I opened Emil technical hardware positions that were already running for quite a long time and the target audience of the Semiconductor industry is considered to be a small swamp. Despite all this, he managed to deliver every week a new list of potential candidates that were not known to us. Emil succeeded to initiate interview processes at our company till advanced stages. Therefore, I'm grateful for having the opportunity to work with such a great partner to the road. He is capable to any recruiting challenge you give him with his Auto-didactic and positive attitude. You can tell Emil really loves and enjoys what he's doing because he took his career and made it his way of life.

05.07.2016 Linkedin

Yael On Head of Global Talent Acquisition at LivePerson

Emil is a highly skilled professional that is dedicated to his client.
Through out the process he demonstrated deep knowledgable about the tech market
and advances souring knowledge and skills.
He managed generate an effective pipeline of highly qualified leads
for challenging positions which were very hard to fill.

15.07.2016 Linkedin

Shibby Sadot HR Director at Winbond

I am the HR Manager at Winbond, recruiting top talents from the market.
I've been working with Emil for the past 6 months and it's been my pleasure and an honor.
Emil is unique in his attitude towards HH.
It is rare to find someone who is so passionate and committed to their work and customers.
His enthusiasm and professionalism are invaluable.
Emil has proven to be a true partner in our search for talent.
He is relentless and caring.
Once you work with Emil, can you appreciate the high expertise he brings to the table.

22.06.2016 Linkedin

Serden Eren Branding Solutions Consultant at Linkedin

I have worked with Emil to build and sustain ConKor Systems & Linkedin relationship.
I had the chance to observe his corporate usage and performance on Linkedin.
I can confidently say that in his region Emil is one of the top Linkedin corporate users.
He has a very strong understanding of the tools and the usage cases of Linkedin for recruitment purposes and he successfully utilizes them.

20.01.2016 Linkedin

Michal Alroy Levy Software Manager at Biosense Webster

Emil is very dedicated and professional person. In addition, Emil is a real partner.
Emil is a leading Head Hunting for some of our positions.
He understands our requirements and
I know I can count on him to find me the relevant candidates for our positions.

23.06.2015 Linkedin

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